About Us

We create furniture with passion, with respect to tradition.
We give you happiness!

Hygge is nothing else than the practice and celebration of moments of happiness, warmth and intimacy that everyone can find in the most ordinary situations. The winter evening was held with a cup of hot cocoa and a favorite book. Meet your closest friends, with good food and a glass of wine. The family resembles old times, with a small bonfire in the garden. Playing with children together. Admiring the stars with a loved one. Every moment, filled with trust, intimacy, laughter or conversation and, most importantly, desires so that this moment does not stop. Small flashes of everyday joy, creating a living flame of happiness.

When designing and arranging an apartment, many people are guided by practicality and elegance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that!

But what if, returning to your four corners, it turns out that you cannot feel the warmth of the house and the design of the Hygge? They say that “hygge depends on the amount of sincerity in the objects around you.” And this is absolutely true!

Buying products in the Hygge design store you can start your new tradition, because all the products are made of 100% of natural materials and with great love.

The presence of individual furniture, designed by Hygge, is a unique opportunity to enjoy the only things in the world. We use unique materials of the highest quality for our products. The product that we will make for you will be the result of several dozen hours of handmade work by our masters, who will happily share their warmth and care for you.