In our catalog you can find things that are unique. In most of them, their uniqueness is due to nature, their texture. And also an unusual combination of different materials.

With unique texture and shape, our pieces have individuality and exclusivity, giving a particular and natural touch to residencial and corporative projects.

Hygge design is also prepared to meet the needs of special hospitality projects, developing tailor-made pieces, considering the limits of nature, the availability of raw materials and the feasibility of executing such projects.

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Buffet Love

5 840,00 

Folding cabinet made of solid natural wood.
Inside the cabinet, there are universal horizontal shelves for storing things.
Decorated with unique carvings and hand-painted. A lovely pair of peacocks will decorate any interior.
It will be a successful and practical addition to the interior of the living room, kitchen, or dining room.
Such a wardrobe will give your room a special touch.
The size:
height 100 cm
width 100 cm
thickness: 42 cm
Material: pine wood

Buffet Secret

6 920,00 

A stylish chest of drawers immediately attracts attention. A combination of a practical granite countertop and a solid oak cabinet. Unique carvings and paintings adorn the chest of drawers. Will look great in any kind of design. The chest of drawers is equipped with a drawer in the middle, and two opening doors on the sides, as well as a wine system. Due to the good spaciousness, it is possible to arrange a large number of things in it, while maintaining order and space in the house.
The size:
height 80 cm
width 120 cm
thickness: 42 cm
Material: oak wood

Chair Wild

1 150,00 

The chair made from oak wood with elements of goat skin will add peculiarity to your interior design. High quality materials and sophisticated work of the best polish artists give you a promise of serving for ages. The pattern of goat skin varies on each chair that make it irreplicable.

Designed by Galyna Khrystin

Coffee table “Magic”

5 000,00 

A unique piece of wood. Tree greek nut 130 years. Processed with wax. The pores are filled with resin. Metal base. This is a unique piece. It is impossible to repeat.

Designed by Galyna Khrystin


Coffee table “Ring”

6 000,00 

Unique job. The combination of different structures: wood, stone, resin and metal. Made in the form of a ring.

Designed by Galyna Khrystin

coffee table “Spring”

1 350,00 

The perfect combination of wood and metal. The non-standard form and easy drawing, make impression of ease. As the first breath of spring.

Designed by Galyna Khrystin

Coffee table Cherry

2 600,00 

Unusual piece of a cherry tree created by nature and combined with craftmanship, makes this table unique and hard to replicate.

Specific technique of resin and oil treatment protects the wood from damages and makes it serve for years. The base of the table is combined with 10mm metal.

Designed by Galyna Khrystin

Coffee table Vesuvius

3 860,00 

Natural cut of 120 year old Canadian maple. With natural cavities and cracks. Made according to the ancient Japanese yakisugi (shou sugi ban) technique. Coated with tung oil. On reliable metal legs.

Composition Galaxy

5 300,00 

The texture of natural granite highlighted with classical metal shapes. The simplicity of the design makes the composition suitable for every location: both indoor and outdoor. In spite of the minimalistic design, the composition has quite impressive parameters (Table 153 kg; Chair 38 kg). Some parameters of the composition can be changed according to customer preferences.

The chairs can be accompanied with chair pillows, designed form the wool of the highest quality, to fit the composition.

Designed by Galina Khrystin

Table Different

2 300,00 

The wood and metal combined into a table of laconic shape and outstanding design. The metal base of the table is taken form the old machine tool, saving its technical side. The main part of the table is an impressive piece of granite, taken from Ukraine, surrounded by ash wood filled with resin for better protection of the wood structure. The wood has a unique pattern created by nature

Designed by Galyna Khrystin

The Black Ring

12 300,00 

Wood and stone are combined in a table of unusual shape and outstanding design. The metal base is in the form of a ring. The main part of the table is an impressive piece of granite, brought from Ukraine, surrounded by 130-year-old walnut wood, and waxed to better protect the structure of the tree. Wood has a unique pattern created by nature. This is a unique piece of furniture art.
Designed by Galyna Khrystin
Approximate weight:49,80kg
Sizes:90cm x 60cm


The Kosmos wardrobe

7 550,00 

The Kosmos wardrobe is unique in the combination of different finishes that make the furniture a striking character in the interior. It is carried out with the help of manual brushing – a technique that leads to the fact that the surface acquires a glossy and bright appearance, unique every time.
Cobalt grabs attention by revealing deep shades of color.
The new finishes also paint the walls of the Cosmos wardrobes, contrasting with the geometric décor created by a special technique and recalling an industrial aesthetic that is ideally combined with the deep coldness of cobalt tones.

A new entry in the collection, a majestic box in a square version, a unique piece of furniture that attracts attention and one of the most popular series in the company’s catalog.
When open, the furniture is equipped with 2 drawers, glass holders, practical shelves and a bottle shelf, which make the cabinet suitable for festive environments, perfect for becoming a real bar cabinet.
This cabinet is made of solid oak, painted with oil wax.
Hafele fittings, handles and legs are made of stone.

Size: height 120cm, width 80cm, depth 40cm. The height of the legs is 7cm.

Unique coffee table

4 220,00 

The polished surface without the use of varnish, which gives even more aesthetics. The legs are made of stone and have the shape of a ball.