Sometimes we do not have enough time for little things. Nevertheless, little things create our comfort.<img
Accessories are very necessary in everyday life. They help us organize our work and leisure. They distract us and relax after a hard-working days.

In the Hygge design store, you can find very convenient rugs - you just cannot resist the temptation.

This is a 100% natural product completely handmade.

They are made of sheep wool. The basis was woven on wooden benches, according to technology used hundreds of years ago. This is a tradition. Threads are dyed with natural dyes. Undergone softening treatment by a mountain river. Now they are ready to share this energy with you.

There are finished products, but you should know that you can order any size, color and geometric pattern. Pre-order period is 6-8 weeks.

This is an excellent choice if you have children. After all, it is pure sheepskin, it is very warm and pleasant to touch. Imagine how your baby can sit on such a rug and play favorite games.

Or just imagine yourself in the evening on the floor by the fireplace with a cup of cocoa ....

What could be more comfortable in the winter evenings ...

If you love naturalness and simplicity and appreciate a family atmosphere full of peace and joy, the Hygge design store is just for you

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