In a small or big country house a set of wooden furniture will always organically fit the interior. Chairs, along with a table made of natural wood, such as pine, create a unique "native" setting. Imagine the moment of gathering the whole family at the same table and inviting neighbors and friends. This is a great reason to shop at the Hygge design store.

The tree was fashionable and relevant at all times. If you love naturalness and simplicity and appreciate a family atmosphere full of peace and joy, Hygge design furniture is just for you!

The problem with the furniture is completely solved!

Create one order on our website and you don’t have to worry about finding a separate stool and dining table. We offer practical compositions at a reasonable price, which will allow you to comfortably invite guests:

Practical design, which is a whole and independent;

Eco-friendly furniture that looks luxurious in the garden, in the living room and on the veranda;

Easy to clean;

Furniture, which even after many years does not lose its representative appearance, is ideal for a summer terrace or bower. Your dear guests will appreciate this set!

The fashion for light wood chipboard furniture is blinded by cheapness, but the characteristics of real wood are forgotten. Hygge design reminds you of them, and you will love this material again:

Abrasion resistance is several times higher. Such a table is undoubtedly ready for shaking and swinging;

We use only high-quality substances or paints that are based on natural ingredients;

Hygge design uses dense enough wood to create stable chairs that don't fall;

Aesthetically, wood is more attractive. Having processed it, we can create a unique structure and show the beauty of nature;

If there are scratches, the furniture can be easily processed and will be like new!

The tree can breathe! This is the safest material, useful for everyday contact with him.

Hygge design offers solid wood furniture (pine, oak, walnut, ash, cherry, maple, acacia). Wood for furniture is undergoing a stage of natural drying, which increases the lifespan of this material. Most models are made using brushing technique. It looks great on pine and oak, emphasizes the structure of the material. With this technology, we choose soft fibers that are susceptible to destruction, thus increasing the strength of the product. We process the wood by hand with the help of brushes, refusing the production of machines. This allows us to offer beautiful, exclusive furniture at a reasonable price.

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Composition Emerald

1 700,00 

Easy table set. Includes 4 chairs with a soft seat. The combination of wood texture and noble green color will bring new sensations to your home.

Composition Galaxy

5 300,00 

The texture of natural granite highlighted with classical metal shapes. The simplicity of the design makes the composition suitable for every location: both indoor and outdoor. In spite of the minimalistic design, the composition has quite impressive parameters (Table 153 kg; Chair 38 kg). Some parameters of the composition can be changed according to customer preferences.

The chairs can be accompanied with chair pillows, designed form the wool of the highest quality, to fit the composition.

Designed by Galina Khrystin

Composition Inspiration

5 000,00 

The set consists of a table and four chairs, as well as a dresser. Made with attention to every smallest element. Ideal for dining or living room. Matte pine wood, very pleasant to the touch, will make lunch the most expected part of the day.

Composition Terrace

2 700,00 

Minimalism and functionality. We managed to connect two such important and different functions.

Comfortable folding chairs that are easy to assemble and can be hidden. It is hard to find more practical piece of furniture.

The composition perfectly suits to a bench Terrace. . They are made in the same color scheme and in the same style.

Provide multifunctionality, practicality and occupy a minimum of space at the same time.

Composition Viking

4 420,00 

The set consists of a table and four chairs. Made with attention to every smallest element. Ideal for dining or living room. Matte pine wood, very pleasant to the touch, will make lunch the most expected part of the day. Available in two colors.

Table Arkansas kit

3 860,00 

The contemporary style of the interior puts the most important things in the foreground: family, friends, comfort, good food and a cozy home. It relies on simplicity: rough wooden tables and laconic chairs.

The color scheme of the modern style creates a calm, cozy and relaxing environment. Muted natural shades of gray fill the room with air and bring furniture to the fore.

A laconic chair with a simple geometric shape. Reliable and stable. Soft shade of anthracite. Brushed oak.

An unusual, most practical table. Solid oak. Truly massive and reliable. Can be used as a bar counter, as a console. Slightly above the usual standard, which makes it comfortable to use as a work surface. Chair height adapted.

Table dimensions: height 85cm, width 60cm, length 150cm.
Chair dimensions: total height 92cm, seat height 60cm, seat size 45x35cm.